Aiming Zept Darts

Established: May 13, 2011
Employees: 5

We are a darts item retailer operating in Japan.
We mainly import darts items from outside Japan and sell them to Japan.

The features of our shop are as follows.

・ We perform our own quality check on all darts sets to prevent initial defective products from falling into the hands of customers. Therefore, the brand image of the products we sell are protected to the maximum extent possible.
・ Not all products are sold through platforms such as amazon and ebay. We will not use these platforms in the future. This is to maximize support for our customers.

The following two services we provide are very popular in Japan and are greatly expanding the sales of darts sets.

・ We provide perfect or almost perfect repointing service even with a combination of dart barrels and points of different brands.
・ We provide a service to convert steel tip darts to soft tip darts with M3 threads.

If you would like to trade with us, please do not hesitate to contact us below.

FAQ for trade (Our answers)
1. Do you currently sell via a physical shop, online store or both?

online store only

2. Could you please provide your full company address and delivery address if different

Our company address and deilvery addres are same. Our address is as follows:

Aiming Zept Darts

Tsurumi-ku Komaoka 5-17-17-306
JAPAN Lions M tsunashima dainana
Kanagawa-ken, Japan

TEL: +81-45-568-2033

3. Would you kindly supply us with your company VAT number or EORI number?

We do not have a VAT number and an EORI number because we are a country outside the EU.

4. What is your web address?
(sorry, Japanese version only.)

5. Do you sell on Amazon / eBay or any other similar platforms?

We do not use amazon / eBay or other similar platforms now. Also, we have no plans to use them in the future.

6. Do you mainly sell steel or soft tip darts?

Mainly steel tip darts.

7. Do you sell any products other than darts?

Darts goods only.
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